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Denver Dental School

12 Nov

I stumbled upon this draft registration card for my great-grandpa, Samuel Ernest Norris or “Doc” on Ancestry.com the other day.

It’s pretty amazing in it’s own right just to see, but probably the coolest part for me is that it says he’s a Dental Student at Denver University in Denver, Colorado. Now, according to family lore he was a dental student in Boulder at The University of Colorado. Mysterious, right? So which is it?

I googled “Denver University dental school 1917”, and found this entry about the history of the Denver Dental School. http://libanubis.cair.du.edu/About/collections/SpecialCollections/AcUDental/orghist.cfm

It’s a little bit confusing, but as I understand it the first dental school formed in Colorado was indeed in Denver, and affiliated off and on with The University of Denver. The University of Colorado tried at one point to form a dental school in Denver, and there was a bit of an uproar about them putting it in Denver instead of Boulder. Thus, the two school’s combined to form the Denver Dental School, which was operated out of DU and even affiliated with DU at one point. I’m a little bit excited to go dig in DU’s records to see if I can find Doc listed. If he did go to The University of Denver instead of The University of Colorado, then we’re alumni together! I knew there was some reason I randomly ended up there. 🙂

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