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Unsolved Mystery #1

18 Sep

Let’s face it; I’ve been slacking. So… Game change.

When I initially decided to start this blog, I was going to post whatever random stories, photos, facts, or tidbits of information that I found. Somehow I got away from that, and entered anal research mode. While I do believe tracing each branch of my tree to a certain point and then working from there is a great plan; it was tedious to post, and held me back from posting some of the REALLY interesting things I uncovered. Like… THIS!

Okay, okay, I actually just found THIS a week ago. It was really a fun find, because it’s actually a Photoshopped positive I made from a negative I found amongst a couple of photo album pages that my aunt gave me to scan. It was hidden in an envelope behind a photo of my Grandma Norris as a very young child. This photo:

In the envelope was a negative for this photo, and another. On a whim, I decided to scan it anyway to see if I could reverse it, which actually turned out to be one quick step in Photoshop. The photo appears to be of a young girl holding some sort of animal, and an older woman. Our guess is that the girl is my grandma, because it was in the same envelope as the other photo of her. There’s also a slight resemblance if you’re looking for it. We can only assume that the older woman is one of her grandmothers, but we’re not sure which one. It could also be an aunt, or great-aunt. We’re just not sure.

If it is her grandmother, though, then this is really a wonderful find! That would mean we have a photo of my great-great grandma! We know that Elizabeth Miria Graves was the name of her grandma on her mom, Merval Marshall’s side. I don’t have any notes yet about the name of her father, Nathaniel Stephen Collins, mother. Mom and my aunt both spent some time looking to see if they recognized the farm behind my grandma and the woman; trying to discern whether the building in the background was a barn or a house, and even wondering if there was another building closer behind the tree — trying to job a memory. We also all spent time trying to figure out what she’s holding; a cat? a puppy? a stuffed animal?

In any case, what a cool new mystery. My aunt has mailed it to one of the remaining relatives of my grandma, a cousin, to see if she can tell us who the older woman is for sure. We can only wonder, and hope…or hope to stumble upon another photo with a label. Duhn…duhn…duh…

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